My daughter got it wrong, too. But differently.

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Posted by Wayne on September 24, 2002 at 15:04:10:

In Reply to: nacbb posted by ptf on September 24, 2002 at 14:48:50:

When Lisa took the test at 10, she put the buddy breathing lower than the emergency buoyant ascent. I asked why she did that and she said to her it was better to go "screaming to the surface"* and have one injured diver than to risk that both are severely injured and there is nobody to get help.

I think she understood the problem of buddy breathing and it being one of the last resorts. While she got the question wrong, I was glad she was thinking about it instead of memorizing stuff from a book.

I was assisting during the open water dives of three of my four daughters. I always watched the CESA nervously and if the option of not doing it as an OW student was available, I would not have opted out for them. I think it is good that they do this under the watchful eye of an instructor who has one hand on them and another on a well anchored rope.


* "screaming to the surface" is what we called the EBA so she would remember that she was exhaling by making noise.

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