How smart can a computer be?

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Posted by Eins on October 01, 2002 at 16:50:53:

In Reply to: Are computers Really Safe? posted by Captain Tim on October 01, 2002 at 10:34:50:

Computers are only as good as the software (or algorithm) they use. With a more conservative or with a better designed algorithm, a functioning computer can be safer than diving by tables. A computer gets to be dangerous when a diver blindly follows its display without override by his brain. Best example for that is when divers compare computers and vote for the one that lets them dive longer, thinking they are still safe 'because the computer said so'. They are not using their brain and rely blindly on an algorithm about which they know nothing.

Even on a multi-dive trip, if you log your dive data including SIT right after the dive, you can continue diving if a computer fails by re-assessing the dives by table. A good computer will tell you about the status of its battery, so you are prepared. And should a computer give up during a dive, just abort the dive safely.

To answer my subject question, I wanted to add a story. Last dive, after doing the 3 min safety stop, I watched my Vyper as I slowly ascended, when, still at 3 fsw, it started displaying the No Fly signal. Smarty-pants!

Are tables really safe?

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