Ode to Seahunt

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Posted by Eleena Oak on October 18, 2002 at 16:33:21:

In Reply to: Interesting.... posted by msblucow on October 18, 2002 at 10:37:23:

Diving was good on the California Coast
From North to south, from East to west
Many divers said : that it was the best

Lobsters were being taken at an astounding rate
Most divers took them, so they could be ate
But some only took, so they could boast
Killing just for fun,
Shaming all the us divers on the California coast

Msblucow objected to this carnage
Said Msblucow: only men with small minds and
Smaller strues would do such a thing

Seahunt sent John B a hot E-mail?behind the scenes
This E-mail was so hot it burned the screen
Saying all kinds of things about Msblucow
It was really mean

Seahunts E-mail was posted and there was such an up-roar
Some said Seahunt should be kicked out the door

Some wonder why such an out-burst
What would have driven Seahunt to curse

Could it be that what Msblucow said had rang true
Could this all be about the measurement of Seahunts strue
Could it only be 3 in?.could this be true?

3 in. is not that small
Fish and Game said: that?s not small at all
In fact it?s a keeper?said Officer Goodall

So Seahunt there is no shame,
Your still a keeper? so says Fish and Game

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