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Posted by finfan on October 28, 2002 at 09:23:14:

In Reply to: Scripps folks posted by John M. on October 27, 2002 at 21:16:12:

First off - who the h*ll are you and what in god name makes you think for even the slightest moment you would have any idea what I do or don't know?

I don't recall me ever saying that they were not involved. Show that post would you. I said they are not all on the gov's bandwagon on the reserves. This is just like most of what goes off on this board. You actually use a quote and then made your own interpetation to fit your needs. Again show me where I said they were not involved?

If they are, then answer me one simply (even for your mind) question. Why did California F&G use an Oregon Bio as lead? Fact is, even our own guys can't agree on what size the reserves should be and the Gov's boys at F&G needed someone who would do what the gov wanted. If they can agree show me the official position from Scripps and I will immediately back down from my position that this was about politics and not about fishery management. Just so you can't distort that- show me the Scripps position that supports the size limits recently passed.

Oh by the way - if it's not worthy of a response, then please don't. It's really too bad when so many of the people on this board think they are entitled to their opinions (especially the ones that think they know it all), but everyone'else isn't.

You can try and stereotype me all you want, but simple fact is I was never against the reserve concept only against an incompetent F&G who has proven time and time again they can't manage one and more importantly, against the extremists on this board that can't recognize everyone's rights (including, yes those of both private and commercial fishermen).

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