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Posted by Rich K on November 02, 2002 at 07:27:06:

In Reply to: My thoughts about closing MPLAs to divers.... posted by msblucow on November 01, 2002 at 20:02:08:

Is it not possable that we can close certain areas of the world in order to protect at least some beauty for the future? I am a hunter and photog, and find this debate to be somewhat selfish on both sides. look into the future, {beyond your noses} and look at the past, has'nt humanity done nothing but impact every single place it has explored, and in the last 200 years have we learned nothing about usefull conservation. What would Yellowstone or any other national parks be if we had'nt imposed some sort of restriction on them years ago? {no trees or wildlife} Yes we should still be able to use these areas but why is necessary to rape everywhere we go. Can't we set aside a small piece of the world for the sake of our children, without it becoming some big political issue. America was founded on a process of search and destroy everything from coast to coast. At some point we have to stop. Does'nt anyone find it interesting that the native americans were able to "USE" the resources for hundreds of years and still retain the beauty. Practice a little self control and there might be something left to fight over in the next 200 years.

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