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Posted by Wayne on November 10, 2002 at 07:26:01:

In Reply to: Did they always cut the left hose? posted by Chris on November 09, 2002 at 21:01:28:

I suspect that they always did the exhaust, it would certainly be easier for the actors! My tapes include the Aquanettes getting ready for a trip to Venus, the flooded mine, the airplane crash rescue off Marineland, the "rapture of the deep testing" episode, the poacher in florida who electrocutes Mike and later gets shot with Mike's speargun, various crooks and spys and a few others. I have distinct memories of episodes that I saw as a kid where Nelson cut hoses in fights. I think In Thunderball there were some hose cuttings in the fights, but there was a mix of gear with both single hose and double hose regs used by Largo's henchmen. Gosh maybe this is the excuse I needed to rewatch Thunderball this morning! Two of the best Bond women ever -- Fionna and Domino.

Speaking of knife fights underwater, I remember when my mother first saw my new dive knife in 1975. It is one of those HUGE Scubapro ones with inches marked on the blade and the handle butt that can be used as a hammer -- we did not need ankle weights for trim back then. Anyway, when she saw it she asked if the numbers were so we could tell how deep we stabbed each other. She had a misunderstanding of the comraderie shared by divers. Mike Nelson had somehow given her the wrong impression.


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