Truk Lagoon/Odyssey Adventures report

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Posted by AADIVER on November 29, 2002 at 16:34:39:

Just back from a wreck-aholics, wreck diving Mecca: the fantastic wrecks of Truk (aka Chuuk) Lagoon.
It's a looooooong haul to Micronesia, gang, but diving those wrecks, a different wreck every dive, was a climber's equivalent of standing on top of Mount Everest. What a thrill to fin through intact, upright Japanese freighters complete with all their "goodies", i.e. portholes, binacles, wheels, cage lights, valves, gauges, etc., etc. Was I tempted to do any very illegal "recovering"? Of course, but I didn't. Truk jails are very inhospitable!
For you young "newbies" to diving, a quick history lesson: On February 16 and 17, 1944, we launched Operation Hailstone, a massive attack against the Japanese merchant fleet caught flat footed in Truk Lagoon, now one of the Federated States of Micronesia. We sunk damn near every one including a destroyer; over 70 hulks on the bottom from 70 to 200 feet. Average diving depth around 100.
The M.V. Odyssey is THE way to dive Truk: 132 feet overall of first class, everything included diving. 112 cu ft steel Fabers pumped to 3300, includes 30% membrane Nitrox, dive your own profile with or without topnotch local DM's for penetrations. Check out their website:
Six full days, five dives a day including night jumps, 10 to 12 wrecks, all levels given TLC from basic to advanced tech.
Forget land based or the other two liveaboards. Odyssey costs more but not that much more.
Only downside to the experience for this jet lagged wreck junkie: the 18 hour flight back, island hopping through Micronesia. Best to fly back to Guam, then go non-stop from Guam to Hawaii, Hawaii to the mainland.
So, bottom line: if you call yourself a real wreck diver and you don't dive Truk ain't got a hair on your ***.(censored for this squeaky clean board but not on the other one ;-)
Period. End of report.

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