You say "too much money". What would you suggest?, the first place to look for a dive instructor

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Posted by Wayne on December 16, 2002 at 16:32:24:

In Reply to: Re: Which regulator to choose? posted by JLA on December 16, 2002 at 15:43:59:

I often discuss the concept of "cost versus price" with my staff. Sometimes the cost is lowest when the price is higher.

Non-diving example:
I bought a $50 bike for a daughter instead of the $125 Schwinn. I reasoned that it was her first bike and she would outgrow it and wreck it anyway. The first problem was with the pedals. New pedals for $20. The next problem was with the handlebars being too bendable. The kick stand went next. Well, after a while I had $100 into the bike and it was breaking as fast as I could fix it. I caved and bought the Schwinn. Many years later, all four of my daughters used that bike and outgrew it. It still gets used by assorted family members who visit. The only additional money it has required is for innertubes (maintenance consumables not related to initial quality). The first bike (price of $50)cost $100 for 6 months use. The second bike cost $125 for >17 years of trouble free service. Was it worth the additional price? Absolutely.

Back to dive gear.
Is it cost effective to buy top notch gear with the high price? Sometimes. The key is often in determining how you will use the equipment and for how long. Buying a lower cost unit that will be replaced later is almost always a worse bargain than buying quality up front. If it is for a diver who will almost never dive, it is almost never a good idea to own their own equipment since they will not typically keep it maintained properly -- so cheap gear for an occasional diver is still not a good bargain.

I think reputable companies, like Scubapro, would rather explain the higher price to a customer once than to have to apologize for quality forever.


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