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Posted by Brad on December 16, 2002 at 18:01:02:

In Reply to: Re: It's a matter of outlook posted by finfan on December 16, 2002 at 10:05:39:

I still don't understand how pollution can drive an entire specie of fish into collapse.

If there were any massive pollution related fish die-offs, we would know about them. Like the Port Huieneme (sp) anchovy die-off a few years ago due to red tide.

Tell me if i am mistaken, but every substantial fishery collapse we have every known, from the local bonito to the abalone to the cod on the Georges Bank was driven by over-fishing. I would be interested to know about any fishery collapse that was driven by pollution. I suspect that if it ever happened, it would be an isolated event and not nearly as threatening to an entire specie as over-fishing has been.

My statement about 'each and every fisherman' is not provable i admit, but i believe that they were blinded by their avarice. The commerical and rec fishermen (sportboat operaters) have always functioned from a point of reference that put their self-interest above the health of the fishery. They never just stopped on their own volition because of the declining state of the fishery. I fault them for that, but i still want to hear their side...

As far as my trip log goes, it's what i bring to the debate, it is all i have to offer: real-time experience in our waters. If that doesn't weigh in, then we may as well be talking golf or gardening...

I very much appreciation your participation in these important discussions, you seem to be the only one who cares to talk about it. I am very opiniated (as you are) but i am open to new ideas. I really want to know more about OUR diminished fisheries, but whatever i am told must be compatable with what i have actually seen over the years if i am to give it any creedence. i hope that sometime you will give me the nuts and bolts about coastal pollution's effects the fisheries in question.

Thank you again Finfan!


(loves the sea)

(BTW, i spent thursday night at SCI and visited my eel buddy who had a new friend with him---hmmmm....)

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