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Posted by ptf on December 18, 2002 at 13:05:41:

This is similar to what I posted last year around this time. The data has been culled from the few news groups that I wander on to in the mornings and during lunch. Each name has a short file (not atttached) that has either a msg board discussion or a news paper article. My comments from last year extend to this year for back seat type of analysis : lack of thorough training (I hang that on the training agencies out there issueing OW cards in record breaking time), lack of proper dive teams, incorrect choices in gas and gas management, unbalanced weighting to name a few.


date name some details
yr mo day last first

020105 Rossa, Anthony San Diego, California, left buddy to surface, was later found without air, bc deflated, weights attached in 65 feet

020201 King, Robert Australia, Irukandji Jellyfish sting, an American tourist

020216 Reagan, Pete Little River Springs, diver separation, convulsed underwater

020223 Amison, Paul Dorothea Quarry, Wales

020226 Fisher, Dale Abandoned marble mine in Jasper, Ga, buddy separation, lost line

020303 Telford, Dave Clyde, wreck Kintyre, separated buddy team during ascent

020309 Vichich-Williams, Terri Ginnie Springs Resort in High Springs, Fl convulsed around Keyhole, and Buddies brought her out...missing a 22 min deco stop

020328 Parker, Mike Howe Sound, Vancouver, Canada, air dive to 200 feet buddy separation

020500 Dean(s) Inspiration

020518 Guerin,Michel Inspiration

020526 Hathaway, John Lobos State Reserve, California Coroner says natural causes

020615 Behnken, Kenneth Half a mile off the Monterey Beach Hotel, California, embolism, fast ascent

020616 Shuger, Scott Near Malaga Cove, California unknown, dove solo

020623 Lelasi Cristiano Capri the Mediterrianian, trimix first dive to 250/300 feet, surface interval, back down with air to retrieve....

020625 Anderson Brothers NOT SCUBA - perished in an abandoned mine in the Cleveland National Forest, South California mine O2 content reported to be close to 4%

020704 Yaley,Mollie San Carlos Beach in Monterey, California

020707 unknown On the Seeker supposedly never submerged reported to be close to 260 pounds and slightly overweight

020709 Graves, David While vacationing in the Bahamas, came up after dive, "He was seen preparing to climb back onto the boat but failed to appear on deck. His body was found in the water and he could not be revived."

020803 Barrett, Bob Inspiration, a quarry in Bainbridge, Pennsylvania

020804 Schmoldt, William From the Doria, he free-ascended; he did not stop to do decompression

020806 Cournoyer, Serge Of Sainte-Anne-de-Sorel drowned while during a penetration of the Empress, buddy separation, sucked doubles dry

020810 Lee, Carlson Rebreather swimming against a 3 knot current with a CCR, heart attack

020813 unknown Puget Sound, Washington, buddy separation, drowned

020901 Larvia, Tim Lake George, New York narcosis related at 130+ feet on air

020928 Lennard Ron La Jolla Cove, California kelp entanglement?

021013 Mestre, Audry NOT SCUBA - breath hold sled ride to The Abyss

021110 Fischer, Fred Clearwater, Florida, unknown

021118 Black, Michael Lake Michigan - missing, presumed dead may or may not be scuba related

021126 unknown Cherokee County (Atlanta, Georgia), while diving in a pond for lost golf balls

021128 Kahn, Burt Dive vacation in Roatan, entered caveren with a group, didn't exit with the group.

021130 Peraza, Melinda Monterey, California, first cold water dive, possible buddy separation

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