Re: Don't get your wetsuit in a twist

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Posted by PnL on December 19, 2002 at 16:22:18:

In Reply to: Re: Don't get your wetsuit in a twist posted by JLA on December 17, 2002 at 16:43:35:

I usually don't get mixed up in these posts because they go no where .... but I'm going no where anyway so .... :)

JLA - I'd like to know what kind of car you drive? I bet I could find you a YUGO that will get you EVERYWHERE you present vehicle can get you at a MUCH lower startup price. BMW? Mercedes? Porsche? Ferrari? WAY OVERPRICED vehicles ... there are plenty of good companies that sell cars for 1/10 of the price that get the job done. Care to continue? This analogy can be taken to the brand of clothing you wear, to the restaurants you eat at, and so on.

My point is not to snub JLA as he seems to be so keen on doing to everytone that has a good opinion about Atomics or ScubaPro. My points is that there are great regulators out there and Scubapro and Atomics have consistently proven to be among the best performers. Sure, other regulators are also great, I think the Aqualungs are great regulators also .... but when I suggested Atomics or Scubapro, I did so because we have experiences with them - and they have been all positive. I DID NOT, however, start negative statements about Dacor, Mares, Oceanic, etc .. why? Because I do not have experiences with them and therefore not qualified to give those opinions.

The bottom line is someone is asking for help on which regulators are good. Make a suggestion based on your experience and don't turn it into a pissing contest.

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