Re: Frank, that's a bunch of ****.

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Posted by tleemay on January 22, 2003 at 10:18:16:

In Reply to: Re: Frank, that's a bunch of ****. posted by AADIVER on January 21, 2003 at 21:40:20:


We all kid on the other board. We all (for the
most part know each other and don't accept BS
that's tolerated on other BBSs, lists or groups.
That's what keeps the information honest,
accurate, and flowing to the best of it's
participant's abilities. That is what continues to
GROW the viewers of that particular BBS. That BBS
is not full of anonymous rumor mongers or hit and
run posters who get off on starting up biased

When someone comes on and makes outright un-
substatiated & blindly inaccurate statements, he
or she is called on it. It has happened many
times, even to yourself. The end result (in your
cases) is that you apologize and we all get on
with it. How many times have we seen 'mia culpa'
in the subject or content of your posts after
your inaccuracies were pointed out? If you as a
poster are right in your statement - you have
the admiration of the group as being someone who
actually contributed to the group knowlege. Some
people are good at it, others just try to blow
smoke up everyone elses bums. The latter is not
tolerated. That is what makes that BBS USEFUL to
serious information seekers.

Sometimes it's hard to figure you out Frank. One
moment you are agreeing with people and what they
are promoting or saying, the next you are up in
arms because they dared offered up something for
you to consider in your diving style. When the
points are made as to why it could be considered
safer or support their positions with some pretty
solid facts, you incinuate that you are being
picked on. I have to agree with MJG, you need to get a thicker skin. Posting on most BBBs and lists
requires it, it's the nature of the internet

MHK has absolutley no control over Sergio's
BBS - absolutely no more than you, me, JohnB,
seahunt, ChrisG, Ken, Marta, Rich, Alan, SLANG, Max, that real PITA Richard, etc. MHK participates
there, but he holds no control over it.. that
responsibility is in the hands of one person who
has exercised it well in the past 13+ months. If I
had control of it - or even a say as to how to
run it - I would have changed it long ago.

DIR/GUE is not 100% on that board. In fact, if you
look at the headers for the last 50 or so topics
you will see Fish ID questions, PADI new Tri mix course, an obit, discussions about DM and their
roles (as was here), etc have been the staple.
Hardly 100% GUE/DIR in topic nature, even though I
do estimate about 75% of those WHO VIEW the BBS
agree with the GUE principals, it's absolutely not
nearly 100% who use the BBS to their own desired
extent. Up until recently I would have considered you to be part of that majority.

But damnit Frank, you have a history of flip-
flopping like an anchovy on the deck. And that
makes you inconsistent and hard to figure out.

I think you should sit back and look at the big
picture. No one there, or anywhere that I can see,
is blasting you anymore than anyone else get's
blasted. We all have thicker skin (or would like
to think so) and can take the heat. If you
can't... that's understood. Just don't
participate. Don't go over to another BBS and
whine that they made fun of you and pass off again
inaccuracies about your preceived problems 'over

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