Re: So what is the appropriate sanction in IYHOs?

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Posted by Wayne on January 31, 2003 at 11:44:43:

In Reply to: So what is the appropriate sanction in IYHOs? posted by Chris Knight on January 30, 2003 at 18:10:36:

I think the sanctions were appropriate for the first time offence. Being as this was the second offence for the same violation, I think it should have been harder. If I were king, it would be hard for the instructor to not lose her rating. That might seem harsh in this one instance, but if the norm was swift and certain punative action, the fear of that action would prevent the occurrance.

Since this is her second time she has been caught, it is clear that a pattern of this type of violation exists. That must mean that the resort is also to blame. I do not have the correct amount of information to say for sure, but if it is the same resort, they should have some sort of sanctions. If the data were more public it could self regulate through insurance premiums. Imagine if the insurance carrier knew of this event and the resort's ongoing practise of violating the minimum standards for safe conduct of scuba training. I think the problem would quickly go away.

I think all sanctions for repeat offences should be harsh. First timers, where there nmight have been some misunderstanding -- well maybe that can be easier. For example the DM was told by the instructor that this was an acceptable practise. Unless he has an up do date instructor manual and reads it, he would not know. If the instructor tells him that the class is running according to Hoyle, he should be able to accept that as true. So he gets informed and warned. If he repeats it, bounce him out.


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