those wounds -- and the aquarium in general

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Posted by Won't say on March 02, 2003 at 22:16:51:

In Reply to: Re: Aqarium of the Pacific posted by DougD on March 02, 2003 at 11:25:41:

OK, so I am a wuss and do not want it getting out that I said what I am about to say. So I am sock puppeting.

Many of the wounds are caused by the other fish. Charlotte has injured many fish in that part of the aquarium. It takes a while to figure out which fish is attaching other fish in the night. Then the mean fish gets moved to protect the others.

Very often I hear people griping that the Banboo Sharks are biting and fighting with each other. They are mating! They are comfortable enough that they are reproducing like rabbits in those touch tanks.

And the young pair of black sea bass are mating, too. The video of them mating in the Blue Cavern exhibit was wonderful to watch.

Sure it can get crowded. But it is a nice place to watch fish. Sometime you might want to just park in front of an exhibit for a while and watch. You will see remarkable things if you are patient.

Better yet, if you meet the qualifications, become a volunteer diver there. Help keep the place up and ensure that the next generation has a respect for the sea. Far too many kids have no idea what is beneath the waves. Aquarium of the Pacific helps this. If you do not meet the diver qualifications, be an education volunteer and help the people on the dry side.

And about the cost. Yes it is expensive. But they do amazing things. This last month, my daughter's middle school had to cancel their field trip there because of budget costs (the governor spent the school money on overpriced energy to get re-elected). The inner city schools get special funding because they are "underpriviledged". My kid's school does not. The aquarium told the school to come anyway. They covered the admission (not a cash contribution, I'll admit) AND THEY PAID FOR THE BUSSES (which IS a cash contribution)! I was blown away. They charge money and they have fund raisers and have a few rich people who pony up some major donations. And the things they do with that money is wonderful.

The fish are healthy and well cared for. The exhibits are well tended. And the nondivers ofthe world are introduced to things that we are priviledged to see in the wild. Long Life Aquarium of the Pacific!

Wussy name not given.

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