Chamber Challenge update (#5)

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Posted by Chamber Day/Eve 2003 on April 22, 2003 at 11:03:39:

Happy Earth Day, BTW . . .

Okay, we KNOW it's a slow economy and we KNOW that the war in Iraq probably occupied a lot of your attention but we hope that we can get back to something that should be near and dear to every diver's heart . . . the financial health of our Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber.

The Chamber Challenge has slowed down in the past week or so and we need your help to pump some life back into it. Every little bit helps whether it's a $25, $100, $500, or $1000 donation. And every dollar you donate goes directly to our Chamber, to keep it available on a 24/7/365 basis for divers in need.

Although we would hope never to have any of you truly need the services of our Chamber, the very essence of the word "community" means everyone coming together to help out everyone else. So, are you willing to do your part? The fine folks listed below were.

We start off with a big thank you to long-time Chmaber supporters Mike Emmerman and Pat Stockhausen who live in New York but recognize the vital role the Chmaber plays in Sotuhern California diving. How about those of you who live and dive here? As we're fond of saying . . . WHO'S NEXT???

Ken Kurtis
Chairman, Chmaber Day/Eve 2003
(Update #5 posted as of 4/22/03 @ 10:45AM - last posted 4/16/03 @ 11:45AM)

TOTAL TO DATE - $10,625

New contributors:

Mike Emmerman/Pat Stockhausen - $1000
Ocean Adventures - $250
Dr. Louis Weisberg - $200
Clara Galvan - $100

All donors to date (including those mentioned above):

*** GOLD [$1000 and up] ***
Kendall Raine
Troy Bagwell
Michael Reedy
Mike Emmerman/Pat Stockhausen

*** SILVER [$500 and up] ***
Reef Seekers Dive Co.
Jim Krasne
Karl Huggins
The California Endowment (matching grant)
Sport Chalet
Scuba Schools of America (Montclair)
Gloria Sallick

*** BRONZE [$100 and up] ***
The Sea Divers
Mary-Lou Quinn & JP Pylkkanen
The Bozanic Family
Joe Takahashi
Douglas Dive Club
Anne McCourt
Gary Romanik
Tom Wetzel
Scott & Cindy Stolnitz
Sarasue Essenpries
Jeff Hunter
Walker Berwick
Niki Dantine
Beth Clark
Jeanne Sleeper
Sand Dollar
Rich Lockyer
Mark Lacaillade
Ocean Adventures
Dr. Louis Weisberg
Clara Galvan

Other contributors [less than $100]
Henry Gittler

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