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Posted by MHK on April 24, 2003 at 15:19:41:


You know that I no longer post on this BBS. It's obvious to me that you and I will never agree and I think that in the best interest of internet harmony I stay off of your list, and for the most part you stay of the other list.

However, Seahunt has no problem going to the other list to stir the pot and most recently has made the charge that you deleted my trip report from Mexico because pursuant to your very own FAQ's, my trip report violated the FAQ's because it wasn't about California diving.

I'm going to try to ask this question as politely as possible so you won't delete it, and hopefully put the matter to rest so Seahunt can stop ruining the other list. Let him stay here, and I'll stay off of here.

So my question is that in the last 3 weeks alone, in addition to many, many, many other trip reprots from Australia, Florida, Mexico and so on, but in the last 3 weeks alone as you scroll down this board you have trip reports and/or threads relating to :

Orlando, Florida;
Sea of Cortez;
British Columbia;
and a NDR post about France.

Now bear in mind, I disagree with your FAQ's and believe firmly that non-California trip reports should be allowed, but I'm keeping within your rules and simply asking:

Why is Seahunt on the other list constantly saying that you tore down my trip report from Mexico because of the rules in the FAQ about non-California diving, but yet you allow many, many, many other's to post non-California trip reports??

Also, bear in mond I have no desire to continue posting to this list, but Seahunt will NOT let this issue alone on the other list nor will he answer the question so I feel the only way to put the matter to rest is to ask you politely on this forum..

Thank you

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