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Posted by Captain Tim on April 24, 2003 at 17:24:49:

In Reply to: Billy Wright and Sean Connery posted by Captain Tim Burke on April 20, 2003 at 16:44:07:

I am sitting hear, enjoying a beer while reading the responses to my original post. I am a little disappointed that there were no more digs at Billy. Seahunt, yours was the most outstanding of all (and I really liked the "Old Man at the docks").
Now the background and the story. BTW Ken, the darker side of Reef Seekers (Billy told me I could not use ET, oops, slipped) knew exactly what I was talking about. Isn't that scary?
Sean Connery's last movie was in fact "Never say Never, again". It was sad to see him go, as he was the best James Bond. Any way the movie before, he said he would never play James Bond again. During the interview with him (that I was lucky and old enough to see) he was asked why did he change his mind. His response was priceless; he said he had 15 million reasons to play the part. The dig, the title.
Billy Wright said he would never ever respond to any post on any BBS. Well a few weeks ago he did. I know everyone was looking for some great story, but remember, most of us take this board just too seriously. There some very good points brought up, and some good debates, once in awhile, but mostly it is just a he said, she said, board.
Billy called me up tonight to ask what he and Sean had in common, I told him don't you remember the conversation we had a few weeks ago about this? He said no. Perhaps my dear Capt. Ahab he was drinking too, maybe we all are, and this is just a conspiracy to overthrow the government somewhere.
Once again, Seahunt a great response to every rich and famous diveshop owner. They are the only ones that make more than the boat owners.
I hope that some of you liked this.
Captain Tim

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