Chamber Challenge passes $11,500 (update #6), the first place to look for a dive instructor

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Posted by Chamber Day/Eve 2003 on April 25, 2003 at 09:48:15:

We've got 12 days to go until Chmaber Day/Eve 2003 (May 7) and while we still got a ways to go for the Challenge to pass last year's total ($23,206), we're please to tell you that we're now at $11,540 thanks to the generosity of the folks listed below.

A few days ago, someone asked why we needed to raise so money money and why the revenue from the daytime and evening events wasn't enough. The answer's pretty simple and straight-forward.

More money equals more financial security for our Chamber. This means not only monies needed to actually run our Chamber annually, but that any "excess" can be saved for a rainy day should the LA County grant get smaller, or if other funding avenues (classes, monies donated from Cleanups, etc.) should dry up, as well as to cover unanticipated/unbudgeted expenses.

Remember that the Chamber gets NO money from the actual treatments. The good news is that there's no financial incentive for the Chamber to treat lots of patients. But the bad news is that (ironically), in a year when there might be a lot of treatments, the increased activity would further strain the Chamber's finances (supplies and stuff) with no added revenue stream.

So basically it gets back to raising as much as we can through every possible source that we can, and doing it in a way that the diving community will enjoy so they'll want to participate. That's why we have (1) Chamber Day (including the Flying Dutchman), (2) the Chamber Day Raffle (over $10K in prizes), (3) Chamber Evening, (4) the Chamber Evening Raffle (another $10K in prizes), and (5) the Chamber Challenge.

Hopefully, we can add your name (and contribution) to our tally. So . . . WHO'S NEXT???

Ken Kurtis
Chairman, Chamber Day/Eve 2003
(Update #6 posted as of 4/25/03 @ 9:25AM - last posted 4/22/03 @ 10:45AM

TOTAL TO DATE - $11,540

New contributors:

NAUI - $250
Westside Aqautics - $200
Barnacle Busters - $100
Sharon Wallin & Nixie Smith - $100
Bruce & Christy Bonnet - $100
Karen Mastro - $100
Fred Haim - $50
Randall Patka - $15

All donors to date (including those mentioned above):

*** GOLD [$1000 and up] ***
Kendall Raine
Troy Bagwell
Michael Reedy
Mike Emmerman/Pat Stockhausen

*** SILVER [$500 and up] ***
Reef Seekers Dive Co.
Jim Krasne
Karl Huggins
The California Endowment (matching grant)
Sport Chalet
Scuba Schools of America (Montclair)
Gloria Sallick

*** BRONZE [$100 and up] ***
The Sea Divers
Mary-Lou Quinn & JP Pylkkanen
The Bozanic Family
Joe Takahashi
Douglas Dive Club
Anne McCourt
Gary Romanik
Tom Wetzel
Scott & Cindy Stolnitz
Sarasue Essenpries
Jeff Hunter
Walker Berwick
Niki Dantine
Beth Clark
Jeanne Sleeper
Sand Dollar
Rich Lockyer
Mark Lacaillade
Ocean Adventures
Dr. Louis Weisberg
Clara Galvan
Westside Aqautics
Barnacle Busters
Sharon Wallin & Nixie Smith
Bruce & Christy Bonnet
Karen Mastro

Other contributors [less than $100]
Henry Gittler
Fred Haim
Randall Patka

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