Maybe it's b/c he never dives?

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Posted by Ross-O on April 29, 2003 at 20:18:51:

In Reply to: Why aren't changes in the rules (FAQs) noted? posted by MJG on April 29, 2003 at 19:16:14:

I've seen one dive report from MHK in the 18 months or so I've been reading the boards. It was a good report about some deep dives somewhere warm. I enjoyed it.

I'm terribly frustrated with the bickering on my beloved dive BBS's. Seahunt and Chris do a pretty good job of keeping the group on the topic of diving and diving theory. I applaud their efforts. If they have to ban/edit the occasional troublemaker, if for no other reason than being a _constant_ a-hole, so be it.

MHK - I beg you to discuss diving theory, dives you've done, constructive input for other divers, or just anything actually relating to a human being breathing a compressed gas while submerged under water or pressurized in a chamber.

I'll tell you what - I'll meet you anywhere around PV on Wed or Fri eve and we'll put on SCUBA gear, actually get in the water, and go look at the fishies. We'll do the whole unified team thing, S-drills, or just chill and look for critters - whatever you want. We'll see some cool fish, we'll get some exercise, and it'll be a great time. You'll go home a happier man in a better world. I'm 100% serious.

On the other hand, if all you care to do is start battles or bicker, please go elsewhere.

SeaHunt - apparently you need to get some bottomtime as well since you've been adding fuel to the fire at lately.

To the board:

Sorry about a non-dive related post. I get worked up about this stuff sometimes. I'll be in the water within 48 hours and I'll be all better again. Hopefully MHK will join me. Either way, you guys will get the trip report.


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