Re: Rough surf exit injury in Northern/Central California

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Posted by elize on August 13, 2003 at 22:30:19:

In Reply to: Rough surf exit injury in Northern/Central California posted by Karl S. on July 09, 2003 at 09:26:48:

Hi Karl,
I am a good friend of the victim. He was in terrible shape and the drs. gave us no hope. But a week after the accident I was informed of the accident by his partner. He has no immediate family so it is just a group of 4-5 friends who are looking after him. I worked on him with sensory stimulation, mobilizations, music,accupressure, etc.. 2-3 hours a day, brought in an accupucturist, etc...The drs. now call him the MIRACLE MAN. I thought from the day I first started working on him that he was responding but we were pretty much scoffed at. (By the way, he is a very big man but he is not overweight - very big build. I was his yoga teacher for 3 years.) He is sitting up on his own and as of a few days ago is breathing on his own completely. He is now in Valley Med Rehab Unit.
What I don't understand is why a 'divemaster' would ever bring an amateur down to 140 ft???? My friend was clearly an amateur - not lots of experience!!!! and never that deep in cold water AND they had to swim out to the spot not jump off a boat. Also, why would the 'divemaster' go out the next day? What computer malfunction?
I also don't understand why he was not put in the decompression chamber there in Monterey? From the little I have read on the web, it seems like my friend did not get the correct treatment after you guys so heroically stepped in to assist him. Where can I get some answers? Also, do you know if there are any drs. at the hospital there in Monterey who know the medical protocol for diving accidents... it would seem only logical that there would be a specialist in the area since it is a reseach and amateur dive attraction! None of his drs. at the hospital in San Jose to which he was transferred had any scuba medicine specialty and I know that one exists.
I would very much like to learn more about the medical protocol post dive accidents . My friend has seemed to be aware of us and trying to communicate since July 11 - although he hadn't control of his bodily functions. He is now communicating via his eyes, and dominant hand. He remains strong and can now periodically move his arms and legs. Do you know where I can find info on post dive comas? On the internet, I find articles about what would cause a coma but NOT what to do in the event of such a coma.
Thank you again- and your friends for your quick response in helping my friend. And, thank you in advance for any response or leads you may be able to provide me.

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