2003 International Water Rescue Conference / Sept 18-20, 2003 / Denver,

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Posted by I.A.D.R.S. on August 14, 2003 at 15:20:37:

2003 International Water Rescue Conference
September 18 - 20, 2003
Denver, Colorado U.S.A.

The International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists will host
the 2003 International Water Rescue Conference on September 18
through 20 in Denver, Colorado.

The last Water Rescue conference in Cleveland, OH was a tremendous
success with 147 attendees representing numerous teams from 19
States, Canada and Australia.

This year's conference in Denver is planned to be larger!

Here is a partial list of what is scheduled...

Joe Finley with the FBI will speak on issues involving homeland
security in proximity to our nation's waterways.

Larry Trujillio, the Fire Chief for Denver Fire Department will
discuss the importance of developing a positive relationship with the

Attorney Craig Jenni with Dive & Marine Consultants International
will present two topics; Underwater Accident Investigation and Public
Safety Diving and the Law. Craig has extensive background in
investigating and litigating aquatic accidents and will present
information that will benefit all divers who collect evidence!

Carol Christini (founder and president of Insurance Management
Services) will talk about insurance and liability issues affecting
water rescue and recovery teams. Carol's company provides insurance
to Dive Rescue International, Scuba Schools International and several
other scuba certification agencies.

Fred Jackson, member of the Cuyahoga Falls Fire Department in Ohio,
will speak on the latest national standards affecting public safety
diving. Fred serves on the NFPA 1006 and 1670 committees and knows
these standards inside and out, since he was one of the authors!

Wayne Polette, contributing author to SEARCHLINES and Captain of the
Metro West Fire Protection District in St. Louis will speak on a
subject he wrote about, Advantage Management. IADRS members who have
read SEARCHLINES for years might recall some of the tips Wayne uses
to guarantee success on operations!

Doctor Eric Olsen will speak about the latest recognition and
treatment techniques for hyperbaric injuries and the importance of
conducting Rapid Field Neuro Exams. (Did you all know that hyperbaric
chambers are being used to treat drowning victims too? Did you know
that D.A.N. reports that 2/3rds of decompression sickness is reported
by divers who dive within the no-decompression limits?)

Amanda Terrell-Orr is affiliated with the El Paso County Sheriffs
Office and serves as their Grant Coordinator. She will discuss dive
team funding through Federal, State and local sources. For water
rescue and recovery teams having difficulty getting the training and
equipment they need, this will be a valuable program!

Vendors and manufacturers of water rescue and recovery equipment will
also be in attendance as will many members and team leaders from the
Nation's most successful water rescue and underwater recovery &
investigative dive teams.

Program and registration information is available through the
International Association of Dive Rescue Specialists by calling 1-800-
IADRS-911 (overseas callers should dial 1-970-482-1562).

Information is also available online at: http://www.iadrs.org

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