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Posted by Captain Tim on October 01, 2003 at 09:58:54:

Lions and Tigers and Bears OH MY! OR BatRays and Torpedo Rays and Dragon Flies, OH, MY!
Just got back from our annual 4-day trip on the Great Escape and I want to share some of the great excuses made by some prominent divers and contributors to the boards.
“I had a 5 pound bug in each hand and one between my legs when a Torpedo Ray shocked me and lost them Really? No, but it could have shocked me”.
This one sure sounds familiar; maybe someone will figure out whom it is. (Helmet)
“ I had a bad full of bugs, when this giant Bat Ray came out of nowhere and hit me in the head, and I lost the bag”.
One deck hand was foolish enough to say, “I’m not going out there, those Dragon Flies bite”. He had crew and passengers alike taking him the harmless bugs the rest of the trip.
One serious issue. One we have all talked about before.
At any giving time something can happen. This time a cap came off of a “Zeagle” BC. The diver came up waiving for help. DM Chris was out there fast and I followed in the chase boat. Chris got to him first, and had already taken his weight belt. As I got there he was starting to sink. I yelled at Chris to grab him. The diver had continued to try and fill his BC with air, only to be getting water and it getting heavier. He cramped his legs and could no longer swim. He was also out of air. Chris grabbed him and pulled into the boat without problems. Things can happen at any time.
How many times do we have to yell about this? When you get into trouble drop your F*****g weight belt, 20 to 60 bucks is not worth your life, is it?
Captain Tim
Great Escape Charters

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