Re: What fish is this?

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Posted by Elaine on October 22, 2003 at 12:47:08:

In Reply to: Re: What fish is this? posted by Chris on October 22, 2003 at 11:07:07:

I think Chuck must have just been trying to throw in a small piece of constructive criticism. Even under the best of conditions, taking that "ideal photograph" is the dream that keeps photographers out there snapping the shutter. Underwater photography is all about getting dropped in what is usually an unfamiliar location with a roll of film (or,in your case a digital chip)in hand, a limited amount of time, and a vision of creating some images to keep those underwater experiences with you or to share them with others. The sport of the whole thing is seeing what you can come up with in these situations which are loaded with unlimited and often uncontrolable variables.

People who have trained their minds to scrutinize every element of a photograph in terms of visual appeal have a hard time when presented with a piece of valid information recorded for the purpose of photo doccumentation. It is like a "Venus vs Mars" kind of thing.

Underwater photodoccumentation is just as valid as any other kind of photography, it is just different. Peoople into the visual arts try and eliminate every element that distracts from the overall appeal of the photograph. People into underwater photo doccumentation try and show the thing of interest, its size, its depth, its environment - anything that adds information to the photograph. While some of these photos may not be as visually appealing as others they provide data. In data gatehering photography, excluding elements that are not visually appealing is counterproductive.

So, anyway, don't take it personally. Sorry I can't help you with the fish ID. One of the more scientifically experienced minds out there will have to help you with that one. I just bet that the next time you collect a data photograph your fish will be looking down at you.

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