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Posted by Tribes on November 17, 2003 at 10:00:21:

The Fish and Game
Some of the best Dive Shop stories, have to do with the Fish and Game .
I had a young man (he was about 16 then, lets call him Jake) come into the store in the early 80’s. Jake bought a 6ft. pole spear and a green game bag (I don’t sell spear guns or pole spears any more, because of people like Jake). Jake was going hunting (I told him that he needed to check the area he was free diving in to see what the game regulations were, he said “yea sure”).
I saw him again the following week. He wanted to buy a new pole spear and green game bag. I ask him what happened to the one I had sold him the week before.
He told me his story about his free diving experience and his meeting with the fish and game officer.
Jake had went free diving at Pelican Point (it was called Scotsman Cove then). He had a great dive and had taken all kinds of game. Jake was walking up back up the hill when a fish and game officer approached him and ask him “what you got in the bag boy” . Jake opened up his green bag and pulled out 2 black ab’s (Jake said that the fish and game officer started to get a bit agitated, as he looked at the ab’s, I told Jake that there was a 5 year moratorium on taking coastal ab’s, Jake said “ yea I know that now”). The next thing to come out of Jake’s green bag was couple lobsters, with holes in them ( Jake said “now the fish and game officer face started to get red”, I told Jake that lobster season was Oct to March this was May, and you can’t spear them, Jake said “yea I know that now”). Jake said that the FG officer really got mad when he pulled out those orange fish.
Jake said that the FG officer took away his new pole spear and new green bag and called his parents. Jake just couldn’t understand what all the fuss was about. After all, isn’t there unlimited amount of fish in the ocean? He thought that the FG guy was just picking on him.


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