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Posted by Melvin on December 14, 2003 at 16:05:39:

In Reply to: Where do I start? posted by So Cal Divin on December 14, 2003 at 13:05:31:

Original comments are in " " and indented, my not so humble oponion is below each section.
"640 KFI AM Saddam Hussein captured."
As an Officer let my offer my "yeah!!!!"

"Well I cleared the surf zone no problem only to get called back in by my dive buddy. He lost his brand new mask and snorkel in the surf!
Why was it brand new? Because he lost his last set in the the same spot same time of the
morning same dive location!!....I made it through the surf no problem but my buddy got pounded by 4 good sized waves! DOH!!!"

It would appear your dive buddy needs more practice and experience on how to time the waves and get through the surf zone quickly. The fact that he consistantly got nailed and was hit by 4 waves would indicate he is mistiming and going in at the start of the set. May I suggest he enroll in the 3R class when they are next offered.

"Almost forgot. We both brought 2 tanks for 2 dives. Well we both had 1 full tank and 1 empty tank."

Bummer. My daughter had an excellent idea a few years ago regarding preventing just that eventually. I have a Blue tank cap and I have a yellow (by friend has a red)for each of my tanks. The blue cap only goes on full tanks. When the tanks comes out of the water it gets the yellow cap (empty or partilly full). That way I don't forget if the tank is full or empty and I don't confuse my empty with my full tanks.

"I hope you enjoyed my adventure. It may take me a while to look back and laugh. For now next month I'm doing a boat dive damnit!!!"

Yes, thanks for sharring. I had planned on diving Point Dume today to celebrate my 50th Birthday, but my wife had other plans.

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