2 routes you can take....depends on $$$$

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Posted by ChrisM on February 04, 2004 at 14:57:59:

In Reply to: New Camera Advice, Dealer Recommendation posted by John Downiing on February 04, 2004 at 08:34:24:

1) "prosumer" digital cameras, a la Oly C5050/5060. People get very very good results with these cameras, housing can be had for cheap. Expect to spend $500-700 for Oly housing and 5050/5060 ($150-200 for housing, 350-500 for camera) Add another $500-600 for a tray and strobe if you want an external strobe (although the Oly internal strobe works fine within its limitations)

Add ons - Expect to add $150 for macro lens, $300+ for WA lens, extra NiMH batteries/charger, CF/xD cards, etc.

Drawbacks - Shutter lag, slower AF.

Benefits - $$, smaller, wetmate lenses (can change WA to macro, e.g.)

2) DSLR - 2 new options are the <$1000 Canon Rebel and the Nikon D70. Rebel currently avail, D70 not quite yet avail.

The Rebel comes with an 18-55 lens at that price. The D70 does not. If you want to do macro with either camera, you will need another lens, i.e. 50 mm, 60mm, 100 mm. If you have money invested in Nikon or Canon lenses, that may dictate which way you go. If not, start from scratch

The Canon has two US housings available, Ikelite (1200) and Aquatica (avail. mid Feb, 1550). Subal just announced one, and there are a couple from Europe. the D70 is similar to the D100, so Sea & Sea just announced one for he D70, not avail. til March, Ikelite has said he will make one too., Because it's similar to the D100, I am sure more housings will be avail.

Each housing requires a port. Dome port for WA is another $300 or so. Flat port for macro......

Haven't even gotten to strobes, trays and arms yet.

Also, CF cards, extra batts, etc.

Drawbacks - Opposite to prosumer - $$$$, les flexibility, larger to carry around

benefits - superior optics (altho to whose eye), no shutter lag (BIG deal to me), fast AF (BIG deal to me)

Disclaimer - I just upgraded from a 5050 to Reberl, will be housing it soon. Will not miss shutter lag


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