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Posted by average jane on February 08, 2004 at 16:19:06:

In Reply to: numbers, eh? posted by John M. on February 08, 2004 at 11:13:22:

Maybe if I had to filet them all.

But did you average that number over the area of the SOCAL Bight and adjust for time and compare to the productivity potential for the same area?

Just one year of commercial landings for the State is 388 M lbs. At 45lbs. / CF thats over 1/2 square mile of fish 1 ft high at the dock.

Now that is a lot of Anchovies and Bluefin. I doubt 2.6 M fish of various sizes is all that much. But the point is there is no reason that zero recreational take in MLP areas is absolutely necessary. Zero commercial take in a MLP area is a huge benefit. Extending it to the recreational take does not give you utopia. It may get you there somewhat sooner but at what cost to the local economy?

But letís not mix apples and oranges in MLP and SCB areas. The DFG has the regulatory authority to throttle consumption statewide and has done so effectively for several species. You fail to give them credit where due. Let them monitor, close, and regulate as necessary and let the rest of us go diving in harmony. But when you advocate far reaching and draconian measures in lieu of management you create discord between you and those that could help improve the situation.

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