Re: Could this happen here?

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Posted by Brad on March 11, 2004 at 19:18:03:

In Reply to: Could this happen here? posted by curious on March 09, 2004 at 00:24:41:

I would be glad to pay a fee to swim in an environment that was plush with a representation of the life that once was...

unfortunately, the process started about 20 years too late to offer the diver any substantial return for the potential cost..

If the powers that be ever get serious about protection our SHARED ocean wilderness to the point where the divers could actually see some MATURE fish, then i think the money will follow. I think it is unfair at this point to charge divers for diving in areas that have been exploited for the last 50 years. like any money-making venture, it will take time and effort before you will see any real return.

to ask a diver to pay a fee now would be equivelent to disney asking for an entrance fee during the ground-breaking ceremony-before there were even any rides available...

After the much over-due network of reserves is completed, then it will be worth the individual investment.

If the private sportkillers are willing to pay 20-40 bucks in live bait per trip, why souldn't the divers be willing to pay good money for the opportunity to dive in a place that will be just as rewarding to them?

Do the hard work, then you may reap the reward, not until!

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