Act by Apr 14 to Save U.S. Deep Water Corals

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Posted by ReefGuardian International on April 06, 2004 at 11:59:46:

* April 6, 2004 *
* R E E F D I S P A T C H *
* ____________________________________*
* *
* Shall American Deep Coral Reefs *
* Continue to be Crushed Into Rubble? *
* *
* You Have Until April 14th *
* to Just Say NO! *
* *
* Find Out All About it at *
* *

A Periodic Inside Look at a Coral Reef Issue from
Alexander Stone, ReefGuardian International Director

Dear Friend of Coral Reefs,

You and I have until April 14th to let U.S. federal regulators know that
we want them to put a halt to the wanton trawling destruction of
America's deep coral reefs. That's why I am writing to ask you to please
go to the ReefGuardian website ( before
April 14th. So you can learn more about this trawling devastation. And
so you can access an email petition you can send to help push U.S. feds
into doing the right thing.

And rest assured -- the trawling smashing of our deep coral reefs won't
stop by itself. There's just too much money to be made by the trawling.
So there's lots of pressure from the trawlers to have the U.S.
government leave things as they are. You and I cannot let that
happen... or these coral wonderlands may very well disappear altogether
before we even get a chance to study and know them. We need to band
together NOW to show government decision-makers that these wonders of
nature may be out of sight, but they are not to be left out of mind.

So, please, go to our website before April 14th -- before the public
comment period ends on a regulatory proposal to end the trawling
destruction. Access and read the Deep Sea Coral campaign update you'll
find at the upper left of our Home Page (
And then go to the Speak Up for Coral Reefs section at the bottom of our
Home Page and act on the email petition to Save America's Deep Sea Coral

This is one battle we have got to win. I know I can count on you to do
your part.

Thanks for caring,

Alexander Stone
ReefGuardian International

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