Boat Courtesy - tip the crew !

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Posted by Walt on April 15, 2004 at 21:34:47:

As a reminder to my fellow boat divers, expecially the new divers. Please remember to tip the crew - they work really hard, and the tips are a major source of income to them. Few of us would work a galley, run around filling tanks and checking on everything, or be responsible for 30+ divers in the water - all that hard work for near minimum wage. When we're on the road home, the crew is washing down the decks and cleaning up the mess of the day - a 12 hour day is not uncommon.

I find a lot of divers don't know what is reasonable for a tip - my guideline is $10 a day minimum, $15 for good service, and $20 if I see the crew do something out of the ordinary (not necessarily for me - but perhaps for another diver - hey, that cold be ME on the next trip!). I've never had an occaision where I was treated badly so as to not leave a tip.

The tip jar is usually in the galley at the end of the trip and the tips are not just for the cook - they are split equally among the crew. If the crew saves a dive (or the day!) for you by replacing a broken mask, fin, or whatever, remember them with a little extra $ - remember, they saved you a trip.

For you instructors and shop owners, please educate your students and customers about tipping. I would not be offended if I saw a sign on a boat about 'tips are appreciated by the crew' with a suggested range.

And, no, I am not a crew member. Just someone who appreciates the hard working people on our local dive boats who make diving so very enjoyable for the rest of us.

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