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Posted by Chamber Day Committee on April 16, 2004 at 15:53:45:

We are now less than 3 weeks away from Chamber Day/Eve 2004 and the Chamber Challenge is moving along, but not at a pace that we'd like, nor are we on track with last year's pace. Our goals are reachable, but not without YOUR help. As of right now, the Challenge is at $7420, which is about $4000 lower than last year's pace. It's good . . . but we can do better.

Our Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber stands as a needed emergency lifeline for divers on a 24/7/366 (don't forget that this is a Leap Year) basis. It's also the only Chamber in SoCal dedicated 100% to solely treating diving injuries. So, in the hopefully-unlikely event that you need to go to the Chamber, you won't hear, "We'll get you in as soon as we're done treating the diabetics." But because of this, our Chamber is not self-sustaining and must raise a significant portion of the annual budget on their own. That's where Chamber Day, and specifically the Chamber Challenge, come in.

The monies raised here represent unrestricted funds for running the Chamber and keeping it up-to-date with the latest technology. Your contributions will have a direct impact not only on diver safety, but also in gaining a better understanding of what happens to us when we go underwater and - more importantly - how we can be better treated when something goes wrong.

New donors to the Challenge include Matt Levinson, Barnacle Busters, Nixie Smith & Sharon Wallin, and Karen Miller, all at the Bronze level. We suggest a $100 donation (we're always happy to take more . . .) but whatever you can afford is appreciated.

The complete list of names is posted below and we encourage you to add your name (and contribution) to the number of caring divers in SoCal who are willing to give a bit back to make sure that we all have the Chamber as a safety net. Give us a call at 31/652-4990 or do it through our website.

So . . . WHO'S NEXT???????

Ken Kurtis
Chairman, Chamber Day/Eve 2004
CHAMBER CHALLENGE 2004 (Last updated as of April 1 @ 2:30PM)


Kendall Raine
Sport Chalet

Karl Huggins
Reef Seekers Dive Co.
Jim Krasne
Scuba Schools of America (Montclair)
Scuba Haus
Mom’s the Word
Tony Hanna
Frank O’Donnell
Joe Takahashi
Douglas Dive Club
Scott Cox
Gary Romanik
Sarasue Essenpries
Burbank Dive Club
Jeanne B. Sleeper
Marylou Quinn & JP Pylkannen
Dr. Robert Davidson
Ocean Adventures
Barnacle Busters
Matt Levinson
Nixie Smith & Sharon Wallin
Karen Miller

Dr. Hal Frankl

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