It wasn't the abalone feeding that was the adventure....

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Posted by seahunt on April 27, 2004 at 02:35:45:

In Reply to: Here's another story posted by Eric S on April 26, 2004 at 22:50:27:

It wasn't the abalone feeding that was the adventure. That part was quite relaxing. The adventure was laying in a hole the reef peacefully minding my own business while talking softly to the abalone and feeding them, when something or someone grabbed me from behind... twice. Actually, I think back on it and it seems odd that after you yanked on my camera the first time I just went back to feeding the abs. That was a dark spot, but the kelp was so thick that it seemed impossible something could be near me. Of course the second time you yanked on my shoulder, you made sure that I knew someone or something was there. Then you laid there in the kelp laughing at me.
Being in a boat when it hit the river rocks always bothered me. Really, though those river entries are pesky and hard on the boat, you forgot to give credit to how intensly beautiful the diving there is, especially Colby Reef. Yah, the diving is tough, but it is so worth it. Of course it works both ways. On a good day, the diving up there is generally way better than the diving down here. On a bad day, it is way worse. Spring weather is beautiful, but it tends to make for nasty diving.
Remember my test. Through a heavy arm sized piece of iceplant off the cliff. If it comes back and hits you in the face or goes over your head, there's too much wind.
No doubt you should spend some time near Bodega Head and around there. It seems that few people go south of the Russian River. That makes sense when the river is high since the current does move south, but there is about 10 miles of good reefs between Russian River and Salmon Creek Beach (Oh, the surfers take occasional shark hits there). Bodega Head does have great reefs and like Point Reyes it is heading north relitive to the coast. People actually dive in the mouth of Tomales Bay for halibut. I just can't imagine the potential for currents there. Plus Point Reyes looks like it has potential for great reefs. What I always wondered about though was what was off of Dillian Beach and in Drakes Bay. Those might be nice beaches, but there are some big shore rocks and there is a terrific amount of bottom algae washed up on shore after any weather. I doubt the vis is great, but those reefs just about never get visited.
Yah, diving way out on the point above Russian River looks like it might be interesting, but I bet it is a bit sharky. Well, launching shouldn't be too tough there and going out the river mouth should be real exciting. You should have an audience of sea lions to laugh at you if you make a mistake.
Well.... be sure to tell us about it!
Enjoy the diving, seahunt
Doesn't this look inviting!

North from Windmill Cove on Bodega Head. I did a lot of diving there.

South from Bodega Head to Point Reyes

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