One Week to Go - Challenge Passes $14,000

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Posted by Chamber Day Committee on April 28, 2004 at 17:19:54:


We’ve got exactly one week to go and we’ve just squeaked over $14,000 ($14,085 to be exact).

And this comes on the heels of news that since we did the last update (roughly 24 hours ago) THREE divers have been treated for suspected decompression illness. So if you’re sitting there thinking, “This never happens,” or “We don’t really need to have a Chamber available to us all the time” you’d be sadly mistaken.

An important factor in successful treatment is getting you to a Chamber as quickly as possible. The Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber is the ONLY facility in the area that is on call 24 hours a day, every day of the week, every week of the year AND is strictly dedicated to the treatment of diving injuries. Our Chamber serves as a vital safety net for the rare occasion when something goes wrong post-dive. And while the vast majority of people reading this will never need the services of our Chamber, for those few who will, it serves a vital function.

New donors this round include Don Lake ($500), Scuba Schools of America (Woodland Hills), Clara Galvan (who many of you know as the woman who books the boats for Sport Chalet), and Sven & Nancy Grenander.

Sven & Nancy, who both work at JPL on the Mars rovers, have a challenge for the rest of you “rocket scientists” out there. They can’t attend the event this year so instead have put $250 towards the Challenge and challenge the rest of you to meet or beat their donation, and join them in supporting our Chamber. You can do that with a simple phone call to us at 310/652-4990 or by going to our secure server on our website. But however you do it, support our Catalina Chamber. Time is running out.

So . . . WHO'S NEXT???????

Ken Kurtis
Chairman, Chamber Day/Eve 2004
(Updated as of April 28 @ 5:00PM)

TOTAL TO DATE: $14,085

Kendall Raine
Sport Chalet
South Orange Co. Dive Club - in memory of Daryll Shatz
Mike Emmerman & Patricia Stockhausen

Karl Huggins
Reef Seekers Dive Co.
Jim Krasne
Scuba Schools of America (Montclair)
Scuba Haus
Mom s the Word
Gloria Salick
Robert Wagner
Don Lake

Tony Hanna
Frank O Donnell
Joe Takahashi
Douglas Dive Club
Scott Cox
Gary Romanik
Sarasue Essenpries
Burbank Dive Club
Jeanne B. Sleeper
Marylou Quinn & JP Pylkannen
Dr. Robert Davidson
Ocean Adventures
Barnacle Busters
Matt Levinson
Nixie Smith & Sharon Wallin
Karen Miller
Rich Lockyer
Randy Barker
Lee & Rebecca Jackrel
F. Walker Berwick
Michael Swinney
Frank Sims
Dive N Surf
Diving Charters, Inc. - Sand Dollar
Louis Weisberg
Jeff Lichtenstein
Henry Gittler
Angi Froelich
Bruce Bonnet
Aqua Adventures
Jeff Hunter
Ann McCourt
Sven & Nancy Grenander
Scuba Schools of America (Woodland Hills)
Clara Galvan

Dr. Hal Frankl
Russell Burt
Julian Shermis
Bernard Dunn
Mark Lacaillade
Cathy Hamilton

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