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Posted by Chris on April 29, 2004 at 01:00:19:

In Reply to: Just another reason that all divers should carry a... posted by Wayne on April 28, 2004 at 23:24:03:

Part of what happened may be inexperience of the diver, from the article his experience was on the order of 50-100 dives. Past new diver level, but not what I would call an experienced diver. I personally think that most divers need around 200 dives. But it difficult to glean these details from a news story because we all know they “always get the facts straight.”
I am curious as to why he surfaced 400 ft from the rig. I typically hold on to the rig structure during my safety stop and try to come up under the rig and them swim out, because there is typically no boat traffic under the rig. One can always find a place on the rig to hold on to unless the swell is very large.
Wayne I agree that a mirror (especially the cool ones you make) might also have helped. It would be interesting to see what safety devices the diver had with him.
I believe all divers should carry a safety sausage, especially when diving any open water (far from shore) spot such as the rigs or local wrecks. Having a safety sausage saved me from drifting forever many years ago when I was swept away in a current at Nic boilers.
Sound devices can be problematic at the oil rigs because there is often a high noise level from the rig. Perhaps that is why he was not heard "blowing his whistle as loud as he could." I am curious to know what type of whistle he had. Many whistles I have seen carried by divers are useless, however a storm whistle can be sometimes be effective. Perhaps a dive-alert or similar device air powered horn might have helped.
I am just glad that Dan Carlock is ok. It would be interesting to hear from him personally.

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