I agree, very sad.

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Posted by Mojostone on May 01, 2004 at 10:09:32:

In Reply to: New subject, extremely sad posted by TechDiver on April 30, 2004 at 21:48:34:

About 35 years ago I made my first shore dive in California.It was during the winter. It was the worse dive of my life. I thought the buddy I was diving with was experienced in California shore dives. Because I wasn't. My buddy turned out to be full of BS. It was valuable lessons I learned that day about BS buddies, ocean conditions, shore enter/exits, dive planning and the buddy system.

Half way through the dive, the waves and surge picked up, my buddy panicked. He riped off my dive mask and tore out my regulator. He then put me in a death hug. I would have died, but I was a very experienced free diver. I was a previous lifeguard and knew escape tactics. I kept my head and didn't panick.

I broke free and made it to the surf. I knew nothing of heavy surf exits. The surf tossed me into the sand. I then crawled the rest of the way out. Which I learned later was a so-called Monastery beach crawl. Improvising/learning during a dive sucks for a beginner.

I laid in the sand above the surf. I watched as the waves picked up my buddy and pounded him into the sand over and over. He still had his mask and regulator, but ejected his weight belt. He kept trying to do a standing exit through the surf. Which was impossible in the heavy surf and he was to exhausted to stand anyway. Finally with his panicked wife screaming. I jumped on him. I half dragged him and half forced him to crawl up the beach. He never thanked me. He just left with his wife.

Although we were in the Navy and served on the same ship. I never talked to this guy again.

I had two daughters, both dived. I lost the younger one a few years ago. I am very nervous about my surviving daughter scuba diving without me. At least until she becomes more experienced at scuba diving, understanding human nature (macho mentality) and being self reliant.

I understand this woman pain and her bitterness. She has my sympathy.

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