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Posted by Walt on May 03, 2004 at 14:22:42:

In Reply to: Dive Boat Suggestions posted by Jon Davies on May 03, 2004 at 12:39:57:

Excellent, though I'd skip the tank count in item 3 - if all heads are accounted for, this is not really needed - would leave up to the DM for his/her private, double check.

Bravo on item 2 - could not agree more! The best DM's I know demand to see faces and we have a responsibility to them to cooperate or stop diving.

I'd also add wording to the effect that anyone who abandons or loses a buddy under water and does not immediately surface (with a safe ascent) and report to the DM that they have abandoned or lost their buddy should be scratched from diving for that trip. The DM should ask the returning diver if their buddy was OK or if rescue is needed. This would also apply to the errant buddy who continues a dive after losing their buddy - they should safely surface or lose their dive privilages. Previously declared solo divers excepted.

I'd add that a DM should maintain a roll list as divers enter the water, noting time of day. As divers return from their dive they should state their full name and station number when boarding the boat to be marked by the DM on the log as 'returned'.

I'd also put an emphasis on the diver's responsibility. Before leaving the site and before the roll, each diver is to check the log to confirm that they have been marked as 'returned' and that the information about them is correct. If it isn't, the DM may have logged the wrong diver back in.

Again, great job, Jon!

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