My next big adventure

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Posted by Eric S on May 08, 2004 at 23:34:57:

The North Coast always offers such great adventures. Heres a description of a trek I'd like to do.
There is a small county dirt road, very unimproved, that runs from Usal Creek which is north of Ft. Bragg all the way to Shelter Cove and follows the coast the whole way.
A group of friends and I are planning to take our 4x4's and do this drive. It is some 70 or 80 miles by overland to Shelter and we would camp and dive the whole way. I know theres got to be some cool spots along there with some monster abs.
Then from Shelter Cove there is supposedly another VERY unimproved dirt road/trail that goes all the way to Eureka also along the coast. Talk about desolate, holy cow! Just us and the dope growers. Better bring the piece I suppose just in case of trouble.

I talked to a friend of mine that hiked for 3 days way back into some of that country do some hunting with his brother. After hiking for hours on the third day they stopped for a rest and some lunch under a big oak tree. After a while of sitting in the shade they began to notice some strange things around them.
They where out in the middle of nowhere and there was an old black plastic waterline partly uncovered from erosion a small distance away. They had also noticed some evidence of excavation and disturbed top soil from some time ago. It's common knowledge that there are many pot growers' gardens in those hills and they are guarded fiercly.
Then they noticed the shadow of the oak tree on the dry grass and something was just not right about how it looked. Both of them looked at each other and one said "Are you gettin weirded out or is it just me?" the other one replied "Jeff, look up"
Both of them looked up and dangling in the tree was a human skeleton completely wrapped in barbed wire hanging from a branch!
It took them 1 day to get out!!....True Story

Well, wish me luck.
I think it will be fun!

I'll tell you how it was.

Eric Sedletzky

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