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Posted by Chris on May 20, 2004 at 10:28:40:

In Reply to: Computers posted by Jonah on May 20, 2004 at 09:01:57:

I personally do not like air integrated computers because I want to know how much air I have when (not if) the computer fails. Computers die during dives, I have had many do so over the years, especially on multi-day trips. Thus I prefer to a mechanical pressure gauge and multiple (two minimum) computers.
The Sunto's are very conservative, but well made.
Uwatecs are conservative, do deco nicely, are well made, but do not have user replicable batteries.
Oceanic's are what I have preferred for a long time, are on the liberal side, but hose you if you go into deco after the first dive. They too are well made, and I am very happy with my Veo 200.
I recently bought a Dive-Rite NiTek Duo because it is deco friendly. I have only had it a couple of months but I have been very happy with it.
In diving with the dive-rite NiTek Duo and oceanic veo 200 I find that the Oceanic starts the day more liberal, but by the third or fourth dive, the Dive-Rite gives me more time. I can also confirm that it goes in and out of deco very nicely telling you exactly what your maximum deco obligation will be, and awarding you some credit toward it as you ascend.
In conclusion, my recommendation is to stay away air integrated models and choose a computer that suits your diving. Also see Diver Magazine for reviews by model and comparison reviews. They tend to give honest assessments, unlike ScubaDiving.

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