I was in the water in my back yard, anyone have anything to say? lots

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Posted by kylecawaza on July 02, 2004 at 21:21:26:

Well, I am 15, still a kid, and I was visiting my old house and friends in Corte Madera California, and we decided to take a boat out on our back yard inlet... it was getting kind of slow, so we jumped into the 82 degree water and swam while pulling the boat. The water was muddy and shallow, your feet could esily touch the bottom, but there were also many small dead crabs floating in the water. Does anyone know why they are dieing? Also, I learned that the trees growing along the edge of the water were mangroves, Myaporum Acuminata. Does anyone know of any Avicennia or Rhizophora growing in Southern California? This kind of introduction in places like the San Diego bay would be helpful to the ecosystem I think. Does anyone else have any other opinion? Please back it up strongly though, since i don't know how delicate the marine habitat is especially down there were I picture lots of smog and other pollution. Tomorrow, I think I am going to go snorkeling there, if you want, I will try to describe any fish I see alive, the most common I see are leopard sharks, I have a good photo of a dead leopard shark being eaten by a turkey vulture, if anyone wants to see?

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