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Posted by seahunt on July 19, 2004 at 15:50:56:

In Reply to: Re: All posts from LA_BMF have been erased posted by LA_BMF on July 19, 2004 at 08:57:27:

Excuse me, but could you try to get realistic. The main rules of the FAQ are the 12 year old rule, no spam and no unsupported personal attacks. You said that you were going to be posting abusive messages. I understood that and you did that. Did you possibly consider that your posts were removed because they were abusive, unsupported personal attacks rather than because of your race? ... Hey, that's what the FAQ says.
Frankly, you are new here and don't know the history of the board or its rules. If you haven't read the the FAQ, let me tell you. Unsupported personal attacks are forbidden. If you don't like the rules of the community, try www.scubadivernet.com. They do not follow the 12 year old rule either, though they have found their own way to regulate posts.
This is a community. It is a friendly community. People that want to attack the community are not surprisingly, not welcomed as warmly as people that want to contribute to the community. Considering history, this community has learned that it must protect itself. There are a lot of people out on the internet that would be happy to maliciously attack and damage this community, basically because of their own hate and personal problems. What they don't know is that on the BBS we have seen it all. We have seen vileness, rightousness and indignation of Biblical proportions and learned not to be impressed by amatuers.
You want to complain
>>> that you allow people to post inaccurate and just plain wrong answers to some legit questions.>>> Sorry, Mr. Kane already spent years convincing us of that. We are imperfect and know it, but still amanage to live with it and muddle through.
>>>If I offended people with harsh responses and (personal attacks) give me a break.>>> Sorry, no. Personal attacks are in the top three No-No's on this board. See the FAQ.
>>> guess the simple truth will be this board allows stupidity and any answer to be let go>>> That is true. Newbies, dinosaurs, hunters, photogs, cavers, wreckers and divers of all kinds are allowed here. Something like a family or community. The only requirement is that they get along.
You seem bothered that your posts were removed, so you must want to be welcome in this community. Why not be amiable instead and see what happens. You talk as if you are a local diver. So instead of being abusive, how about instead you offer a dive report or some good UW pics for the community. Join in. You will be welcome... Hey, they tolerate even me.
Enjoy the diving, seahunt

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