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Posted by seahunt on August 18, 2004 at 18:19:38:

In Reply to: Re: Team Diving posted by seahunt on August 18, 2004 at 18:04:55:

I'm in a hurry, but in terms of sport diving...
>But, will that team member really be there if you need them?
Never depend on your buddy for anything you don't have to. If you have spare gas, that means nothing. You should be able to handle everything else yourself.
>When was the last time you and your other team member or members discussed gas management,
I tell anyone I'm with that I don't conserve air and that I will signal and wave goodby when out of air. If they want to come up with me, that is their call.
>limits on the dive,
Normally none. If it's a spot with potential for depth, I tell them my limit, but that is a rare dive.
>team members responsibilities,
There should be none aside from who is leading. If you are planning on getting air from your buddy, you will have to initiate it anyway, so plan to stay close.
>team members compatibility,
What does it matter? You can't talk UW and if you have a limitation like depth, that gets told up front.
>team members equipment configuration,
Sounds like a DIR concern to me. You examine your buddies gear for where you get air if you want it in an emergency.
>and a “what if” plan.
Aside from seperation, that is usually not complicated. How many options can you plan for? If a site has a particular known hazard, you usually have a few options that can be planned for, but that is simple.
>These are all things that a team member needs to know about, from what I have seen over the years there are very few that even do site checks
I look at the water. If there is a current, I know it and plan. Aside from that, what is there to see? Now beach dives are another thing, but I don't think that is what you are talking about.
>even pre-dive equipment checks before they dive.
It ain't my gear. If their gear looks funny, it raises a flag. Otherwise I assume they are on their own.
I don't know who you dive with, but in all my years of sport diving, a buddy has been no use to me. I assume that I am my buddy's keeper, but I don't expect or ask for help from them. It's a great system.
Enjoy, seahunt

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