Coastal scuba diving to be banned

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Posted by average jane on September 24, 2004 at 08:18:02:

In Reply to: coastal scuba diving to be banned? posted by Chris on September 24, 2004 at 02:06:16:

The only real alternative is:

ES.5.1 No Action Alternative

They are proposing that you can look, take a picture, and paint, that's it. However, don't try to climb a rock to get where you need to go to do that. That won't be allowed.

That is "managed recreation" that you “appreciate from afar”.

Here are the alternatives as presented in the executive summary:

Alternative A proposes to achieve the RMP ’s
resource protection goal with a balance in
•Emphasizes protection of seabirds and
marine mammals.
•Supports low-impact recreation
(“appreciate from afar ”).
•Encourages a broad range of research
activities on the entire monument.
The management approach of Alternative A would
balance strategies between better-coordinated
resource protection,low-impact recreation,and the
need for further research to support informed land use decisions on the CCNM.In most resource/use
program areas,site-specific management directives are not identified at this time;rather,resource uses,
including recreation opportunities,would be provided to the extent that they do not adversely affect
CCNM resources.Overall guidance for future research and educational programs is given,but specific
locations for implementation of these programs are not identified.This is the preferred alternative.
Alternative B proposes to achieve resource protection by focusing all major objectives of the management
plan on protective actions.The major objectives are:
•Emphasizes protection of all natural and cultural resource values.
•Coastal recreation opportunities would be provided primarily through state and local government
•Emphasizes research to enhance resource protection.

Under this alternative,the entire CCNM would be managed for maximum protection of resources.
Further research would be conducted to support refinement of management zones in the future,to the
extent that these activities would not affect monument resources.Educational and interpretive activities
would emphasize protective actions.Associated programs would be implemented at a larger number of
locations on the coast,to maximize awareness of CCNM resources and their unique value.Recreation
opportunities along the coast would continue to be provided primarily through the use of existing state
and local government facilities.
Alternative C proposes to provide resource protection by pursuing the following objectives:
•Promotes a greater variety of recreation opportunities and experiences (e.g.,guided tours and
kayaking trails).
•Resource protection is focused on known and probable sensitive sites.
•Supports an active interpretation program and research with a focus on human activity along
Alternative C focuses on the provision of active
recreation opportunities on and adjacent to the
monument wherever they would be protective of
resource values.The plan provides for an active
interpretation program at selected locations in
support of the recreation opportunities.Resource
protection focuses on known and suspected
sensitive sites.
In general,all action alternatives would result in
beneficial effects of varying degrees.Alternative
B,by providing the greatest amount of immediate
protection to CCNM resources,would result in the
greatest level of beneficial effects.Alternatives A and C would result in more moderate beneficial
effects.The No Action Alternative would leave management attention on the monument at current levels.
Most management actions would be undertaken by DFG,based on case-by-case needs.

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