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Posted by Ross-O on January 02, 2005 at 19:37:45:

In Reply to: Backplate & wing vs. BCD posted by Mike on January 02, 2005 at 19:26:29:

***Vest style BC***
(-) typically feels big and bulky, not streamlined
(-) may not fit well if you're "in-between" sizes
(-) may contain chest straps that cause compression and increased breathing resistance
(-) center of bouyancy shifts around making good trim hard to maintain
(-) difficult and time consuming to clean thoroughly
(-) does not upgrade to tech diving very well
(-) many integrated weights tend to accidently self-ditch! Accidental weight ditching is life threatening.
(-) pockets are typically not effective. I could never see them or reliably get stuff in and out of them in the water.
(+) may float you in a more face-up position if you're unconscious. If you're really concerned about this, consider a horse-collar BC.

***Backplate and Wing***
(+) much more streamlined
(+) tends to float you more horizontal, encourages better trim
(+) much easier to clean
(+) migrates easily to doubles or technical diving
(+) easily taylored to fit anyone EXACTLY
(-) tends to put you face down on surface if you're unconscious. See horse-collar comment above.
This can be largely compensated for with proper weighting.
(-) a little more "stuff" to deal with versus vest w/ integrated weights. You'll now have a crotch strap, weight belt, etc.
Don't laugh at the crotch strap until you've tried it. They're not uncomfortable and make your rig rock-solid on your body.
(-) a little more expensive than many vest style BCs. However, It'll last much longer.

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