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Posted by jeff Shaw on January 10, 2005 at 22:46:15:

The Year 2525, Max Bottomtime and Seahunt have been inexplicably transported forward in time. The government of Titan/Europa have decreed that any citizens accidentally temporarily displaced must be given all of the amenities of home so that they can be studied. Since the earth was decimated when a goodhearted matter desiccation invention went horribly wrong. There is nothing left of our beloved third stone.

Bottomtime was unfortunately overheard by the Czar Cronis describing their natural habitat as a 10 tetrangal bathyscaph. So Seahunt and he must now live with one another in harmony in a small metal ball somewhere within the aquavor orbiting Titan. Apparently the new ruler Em'aych Kaye agreed that this was a doing it the right way. Now they have to find their way out of the labyrinth to get to the shuttle at the surface of the 100km diameter aquavor.

What diving skills would be needed in a Zero G blob of water?
How much good would be a BC?
Would there be a need to track depth?
Where would bubbles go?

If you think that this is a stupid idea... You may be right, but someone will dive zero G someday....

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