Dive Videos

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I wish I had figured out earlier that my little Canon point and shoot made pretty nice videos if used properly. I really found that out just after my Sea Ranch trip, so I missed a lot of good opportunities. Then again, I got some more good opportunities and took advantage of them. It works OK if you work within its limitations and besides, it's there, where it would be tough for a full video camera to be.

Because of browser limitations, I decided that the best way to show videos is to open them in a new window. If there is one video per page, they fight with each other less, particularly in FireFox. They work best in Internet Explorer, but work OK in FireFox as well. I'll have to try Safari....

This is just a start and is more of a test page right now, but I hope you like it. Then again I doubt there are many tapes like these.

We headed down through pretty good vis and turned east. After afout 100 feet he dropped down and plucked a nice one out of a crack with one quick clean and jerk. As I followed him with the camera I could see another bug about 6 feet below him. As he bagged his, I grabbed for that one. After screwing around a while there I finished and hurried to catch up with him. It was good I did. When I got there he had dropped his bag and was taking his tank off. He screwed himself into a hole about as far as his hose was going to let him go and then came back up with a bodaceous 11 pound 7 ounce bug.

Mel doing what he does when he's doing what he does so well. Hunt Bugs!

Mel working for a 11 pound 7 ounce bug.

Interesting wreck dive. Two 9 pound bugs in 4 minutes.

A little curve in your grab is an art.

Then there is the direct Jab Grab.

Enjoy the diving, seahunt
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