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Posted by Dave on February 22, 2005 at 08:15:09:

In Reply to: Great Winter Diving Read posted by Elaine on February 21, 2005 at 22:06:21:

The mechanism behind people being motion sick is interesting. They say it is when the inner ear experiences a movement that the brain cannot process as normal.

I fly sailplanes and during my instruction when flying two place my instructor asked if I wanted to try some aerobatics. I said fine, and he voluntered he would do mild aerobatics so I wouldn't get too sick. I said I never get motion sick, and that he should bring it on. He said everyone who has never gotten motion sick always gets motion sick during extreme aerobatics. At that point I just sort of looked a thim and said matter of factly: It is not possible for you to do any type of aerobatics that would get me even the slightest bit sick. He replies; "Are you challenging me to get you sick?" I said yeah. And off we went. Try as he may, I just kept asking him if that was the best he could do and after the most extreme copnsecutive maneuvers, I just pulled a line from Val Kilmer out of Tombstone and told him "You're no daisy". We had a good laugh about it afterwards, and he said I was the first person he ever had that he couldn't get sick.

People on boats describe to me that the feeling is you wish you were dead to stop the feeling. They say once they get back on land, often times they are still sick for the rest of the day.
That has to be pretty crappy.....

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