If you cannot do the math, or you don't have a bathroom scale ...

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Posted by northcoast diver on February 28, 2005 at 11:10:09:

In Reply to: Proper bouyancy/weight posted by TJ on February 26, 2005 at 08:31:24:

Use the "magical" number of 6 lbs added to your freshwater weight belt. This amount works most of the time for almost everyone.

If you are a huge guy, you might need to add 8 lbs instead.

If you are a tiny woman, you might need to add only 4 lbs instead.

But generally speaking, 6 lbs will be the answer.

After your first dive, when you are finished doing your 3 minute safety stop at 15 ft, hold onto something (the anchor line) and dump the air in your B/C-wing. It should be empty already. If there is air in it, they you need to subtract weight. Reinflate it and ascend to the surface, get out of the water, and adjust your weighting.

Normally you need to subtract weight in even numbers (2 lbs, etc.). If substracting 2 lbs then makes you too light after the safety stop for your next dive, then you will need to add back the 2 lbs, and you are there. Or else repeat the procedure.

I used to believe in Chuck's physics/mathematics method, until I saw how many people cannot multiply or divide, or else do not have a bathroom scale.

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