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Posted by seahunt on March 24, 2005 at 20:37:03:

In Reply to: Re: Seahunt... posted by Chris Knight on March 24, 2005 at 19:49:12:

You do have a point, but
>I like the educated dialog that having experienced people posting on this board brings.
But I've never seen Doug do that. His posts seem mostly to be complaints, often about things that don't exist like rampant DIR bashing. Then again, I won't claim either to post technical information either, but I do fun reports to share and I post useful information about having fun diving in CA. Maybe fun stuff and negative vibes are equel, but I don't believe so.

>but he generally addresses dive industry issues in am objective way
I must have missed that. Jim does occasionally though.

>The real jackasses are the people that post under false names or lower the discussion to a gutter level.
You got that right, but often they are also facilitated by people we do know.

>okay, it isn't really ever funny
Or interesting or polite or useful.
>Why does anyone have to post only positive things?
They don't and I don't, but I have to think they should post postitive things once in a while. People don't come to this board to be brought down and irritated.
>Ken Kurtis, Jim Hoffman, Doug, and all the other guys who make a living in this fairly crappy industry deserve a degree of respect that comes with etching out a lifestyle in diving.

You are quite right. What a nasty tough way to make a go at it. You have to love diving, but it never sounds like it from Doug. Heck, he never posts reports of any kind. He never offers anyone on the board anything to enjoy. he doesn't talk about cool or weird gear that he sees in his profession. With his technical skills and position, he should have a lot to offer. Isn't that why the board is here and why people come here? It's not just or even primarily about education... Heck, he's even welcome to advertise once a month.

>Running off the guys who run dive shops because they are a bit hardened or jaded kind of blows.

My past has some unpleasant aspects to it. I never talk about it. I don't believe in allowing myself to subject people to the negitivity for no reason. It's like other thoughts. They have a life of their own (I'm writing about meme theory these days). When people unleash anger on this board, it doesn't stop here. Between the two boards, we've really seen that. Negitive ideas seem to last better than positive ones. Doug passes on a lot of negitivity. He doesn't violate the FAQ, so he rarely gets deleted, but honestly, I just feel it is a drag and a number of other people have told me they feel the same. Life is just too short.
Ya know, I do think the scuba business sucks. If Doug and Jim are any examples, it sucks bad.
Thanks for the thoughtful responce.
Enjoy, seahunt
PS. In case you didn't notice, the board is under attack. There are suddenly a whole bunch of sockpuppets and from what I can see, the other board seems to be in a pretty hostile lather (though that may be normal). Please excuse me if I get a bit reactive, but this board has been severly harmed by sockpuppets and the like before. I don't want it to happen again.

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