Re: DM's. Do they help, or are they just a figure head?

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Posted by seahunt on May 03, 2005 at 11:29:10:

In Reply to: DM's. Do they help, or are they just a figure head? posted by Captain Tim on May 01, 2005 at 21:32:21:

Some help. Some don't.
Arrrgggggg Cap'n Tim. You ask a question like so many others that come
down to the nature of the animal. The human animal that is and there is never
one good answer to those questions. Personally, I believe that divers and DM's
should be held to a standard, but as we have seen, that doesn't always happen
in regards to dive skills or simple manners.
I've always been impressed by a good DM. They tell me when I've put my gear on
backwards be3fore I jump in. The best ones are the ones that know where every
diver is in the water and I've met a few of those. The good ones have their eyes
open for the Klutzes that (luckily) seem to always have their problems right
near the boat. They are the ones that seem to be there to help when you could
use a hand. Those are the pros and should get some perks for the job.
On the other hand, there are the DM wanna bes. They may be entusiastic, but
they will never be good and they will never be able to really help the group
of divers they have taken responsibility for. As such, they are a detriment
rather than a help.
It's the same way with the divers, DMs, instructors and people doing a charter.
Some are great. Some should be watching TV at home. Divers that do not know
how to gracefully follow the parts of the safety procedures are really not
divers and should not be on the boat or in the water. Part of boating is knowing
the system, procedures and rules of THE BOAT and THE SEA. What they think,
desire or believe has nothing to do with the reality that is the ocean. Still,
the ocean doesn't care and this is is about people, not just divers and there
lies the rub, peepul. Perfect rules are for perfect people, a rare breed indeed.
Heck, smart or sensible ones are rare enough. So the only answer is to rely on
human judgement. If you think they are twits, they probably are.

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