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Posted by George on May 12, 2005 at 10:07:30:

In Reply to: Hey Guys, thanks, but no thanks posted by MHK on May 12, 2005 at 09:27:22:

From: George Irvine
To: Bill Reals ; Gavinscooters@Yahoogroups. Com
Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2005 1:51 PM
Subject: RE: [gavinscooters] Prop rubs at depth, normal?

Bill, that scooter is ancient. He had one relatively new HDPE that Per
Thompson got, but the others were his and Kane's. Some of those PVC Seattle
scooters are ten years old. No telling what is going on with it. Most of
what I have sent up there in the recent past have been HDPE's.

The shrouds can take a set if it were left lying down for a long enough
time, but the legs should push it back in place.

When I saw Kane with the scooter the first time, he did not know how to put
the batteries in it. He had both bulkheads at the bottom and thought the
batteries sat on top of them. When it comes to diving or anything
mechanical, Kane reminds me of the guy I saw on Wheel of Fortune one time
that got all the letters turned and then could not read the answer. I think
Johnny Walker had to keep him going out there until he pissed Johnny off.

Then I tried to dive with Kane. We jumped in, dropped down on the wreck, and
then all I saw was his transom scootering off into oblivion without ever
looking back - great buddy skills. Pina and I chalked it up to another
violation of Rule Number One and continued the dive without him , not about
to waste it chasing him around. Then he shows up for a WKPP dive - no idea
who let him in - with 104's and a wetsuit. I guess that is another instance
where he "disagrees with George". Werner apparently got in his face about
it. I was not there. I also trust that Casey is not letting any of these
guys who "know better" than us anywhere near the Project anymore.

Anyway, my bet is you got conned on the scooter somehow - probably in
disrepair, but you did not get conned as badly as those who went for his
newest con job. The list of garbage this guy has sold people for a few
measly bucks is astounding, and even more so in light of the fact that none
of it fits with what he purports to be teaching - "DIR".

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